Atatürk's Proverbs

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    *The Turkish Army is the unity,power,skill and patriotism of our nation embodied in steel.

    *Our Army is the incincible defender of Turkish territory and the guarantor of our systematic efforts toward the realization of our ideals.

    *There is no line of defence but an area of defence,and the area whole country.not one inch of the countery is to be abandoned until it is drenched with Turkish blood.

    *There is a thing called rightin the world,and this right is above force.

    *It is necessary to convince the world that the nation having perceived her rights.Is ready to make every sacrifice in order to defend and preserve them.

    *I want you and the whole nation to understand that the Republic of Turkey can never be a land of sheiks,dervisher and their disciples.

    *Resistance to the flood-tide of civilizations is in vain.It is pitiless towards those who ignore or disobey it.

    *Civlization is a blazing fire that burns and obliterates those who will not acknowledge it.

    *Our great ideal is to raise our nation to the highest standard of civilization and prosperity.

    *The struggle for existence is inevitable.

    *A person can be highly successful at one time in his life,but if he does not continue to progress,he will be forgotten in a short time.Therefore he must work and strive continuously for success.

    *Responsibility is a burden even heavier than death itself.

    *As they have come,so they will go.

    *We expect civilized humane treatment and mutual friendship from the civilized world.

    *Turkeys true master is the peasant.

    *Armies,your first goal is the Mediteranean.Forward!

    *Our most important duty is to win a victory in the field of education.

    *We must become civilized men from every point of view.

    *Those who conquer by the sword are doomed,sooner or later,to yield to those who conquerby the plough.

    *The greatest politicial and military victory cannot last and is doomed to fade away quickly unless it is crowned by an economic victory.

    *Happy is a man who can say,I am aTurk.

    *We shall raise our society to the level of contemporary civilization.

    *Peace at home,peace in the world.

    *Our national policy,which should be clear and fully realizable,is to work within our national boundaries for the real happiness and welfare of our nation.

    *One day my mortal body will turn to dust,but the Turkish Republic will stand forever.

    *Turk,be proud ,work and have confidence.

    * I have been able to teach many things to this nation,but I havent been able to teach them how to be lackeys.

    *Writing history is as important a task as making history.If the writer of history is not loyal to the maker of history,the result will be a distorted zersion of the truth.

    *I am not ordering you to attack;I am ordering you to die.

    *When walking,it is not enough to be able to see the horizon;what is beyond the horizon must be seen and understood too.

    *The most valid and true gulid in life is science.

    *The Turkish soldier does not know how to desert,does net know how to flee from battle.If you see him running away,it is because his commander has deserted.

    *The government is of the nation,and the nations is of the government.

    *Sovereignty is not given,it is taken.

    *There are no such things as trifling insults and serious insults.An insult is an insult.

    *If you believe something must be done,do it now.

    *Sincerity does not have a language; it cannot be explaine.It can be understood from the look in the eyes.

    *Do not be afraid of telling the truth.

    *A government has two goals;ome is to preserve the nation,the second is to meet its social and economic needs.whatever assist the government in achieving these goals is good,whatever does not is bad.

    *Power belongs to the nation.

    *Give a Turk something positive and good,and he will definitely not refuse it.

    *We are ardent advocates of an open door policy which respects mutual security and international relations.

    *Agriculture is the foundation of the national economy.

    *General economic development is the corner –stone of Turkey and of our ideal of a free and increasingly powerful and prosperous Turkey.

    *We are a nation that wants to live,and that desşres to do so in full possesion of its dignity and honour.

    *We Turks are a people who, throughout our history,have been the very embodiment of freedom and independence.

    *Sovereignty is indivisible.

    *So long as the sentiments of mankind with regard to religious questions are not freed from myths and clarified in the light of true science,we shall find historians everywhere enacting a religious comedy.

    *Islam sanctions the freedom of religious opinion.

    *The government is obliged to respect freedom of thought and freedom of conscience.

    *Sovereignty unreservedly belongs to the nation.

    *The form of government of the Turkish state is a republic.

    *The Turkish Republic will be happy,prosperous and victorious .

    *The basis of a good country is equal justice for all.

    *The entire country is an undivided whole within its mational frontiers.

    *Our chief object is to consolidate the resources of the nations,a ruling force,and to establish the will of the nation as a sovereign power.

    *To see me does not necessarily mean to see my face.To understand my thoughts is to have seen me.

    *I am successful;therefore I am happy.

    *Gentlemen,you can be member of the grand national Assembly,a minister of the state or even a president of the Republic,but you can never be an artist.

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