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    “All I Ask Of You” Phantom of the Opera, (Andrew Lloyd Webber)

    (andrew lloyd webber/don black/christopher hampton)

    no more talk of darkness,
    forget these wide-eyed fears.
    i´m here, nothing can harm you -
    my words will warm and calm you.
    let me be your freedom,
    let daylight dry your tears.
    i´m here, with you, beside you,
    to guard you and to guide you...
    say you love me
    every waking moment,
    turn my head
    with talk of summertime...
    say you need me with you,
    now and always...
    promise me that all
    you say is true -
    that´s all i ask of you...
    let me be your shelter,
    let me be your light.
    you´re safe:
    no-one will find you
    your fears are far behind you...
    all i want is freedom,
    a world with no more night...
    and you always beside me
    to hold me and to hide me...
    say you´ll share with me
    one love, one lifetime...
    let me lead you from your solitude...
    say you need me with you
    here, beside you...
    anywhere you go,
    let me go too -
    that´s all i ask of you...
    say you´ll share with me
    one love, one lifetime...
    say the word
    and i will follow you...
    share each day with me,
    each night, each morning...
    say you love me... you know i do
    love me -
    that´s all i ask of you...

    anywhere you go let me go too,

    love me,
    that´s all i ask of you

    “Truly” (Lionel Richie)

    Girl, tell me only this
    That I'll have your heart for always
    And you want me by your side
    Whispering the words I'll always love you

    And forever I will be your lover
    And I know if you really care
    I will always be there

    Now I need to tell you this
    There's no other love like your love
    And I,as long as I live,
    I'll give you all the joy
    My heart and soul can give

    Let me hold you
    I need to have you near me
    And I feel with you in my arms
    This love will last forever

    Because I'm truly
    Truly in love with you girl
    I'm truly head over heels with your love
    I need you, and with your love I'm free
    And truly,you know you're alright with me
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