İngilizce Fiilerin 1.ve2.halleri

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  1. V(1)-V(2)
    arise - arose
    awake - awoke
    be - was,were
    beat - beat
    become - became
    begin -began
    bend - bent
    bet - bet
    bind - bount
    bite -bit
    bleed- bled
    blow - blew
    break - broke
    bring - brought
    build- build
    burn - burned,burnt
    burst - burst
    buy - bought
    can - could
    cast- cast
    catch- caught
    choose- chose
    cling - clung
    come - came
    cost -cost,costed
    creep- crept
    cut - cut
    deal - dealt
    dig - dug
    dive- dived,dove
    do - did
    draw - drew
    dream -dreamed,dreamt
    drink- drank
    drive - drove
    eat - ate
    fall - fell
    feed -fed
    feel- felt
    fight- fought
    find - found
    fly - flew
    forbid - frbade
    forget -forgot
    freeze- froze
    get - got
    give - gave
    go - went
    grind -ground
    grow- grew
    hang - hung,hanged
    have - had
    hear - eard
    hide -hid
    hit- hit
    hold- held
    hurt - hurt
    keep - kept
    kneel - knelt,kneeled
    know -knew
    lay- laid
    lead- led
    lean - leaned, leant
    leap - leaped, leapt
    learn - learned,learnt
    leave -left
    lend- lent
    let - let
    lie - lay
    light - lit,lighted
    lose- lost
    make- made
    may - might
    mean -meant
    meet -met
    pay- paid
    put - put
    quit -quit
    read- read
    rid - rid
    ride - rode
    ring -rang
    rise- rose
    run - ran
    say- said
    see -saw
    seek - sought
    sell - sold
    send -sent
    set- set
    shake- shook
    shed -shed
    shine- shone,shined
    shoe -shod
    shoot- shot
    show -showed
    shrink- shrank
    shut- shut
    sing -sang
    sink- sank
    sit -sat
    sleep- slept
    slide- slid
    smell- smelled,smelt
    speak- spoke
    speed- speeded,sped
    spell -spelled,spelt
    spend- spent
    spill- spilled,spilt
    spread -spread