Japonya için şarkılar Albümü

'Medya Bölümü' forumunda Ezlem tarafından 8 Nis 2011 tarihinde açılan konu

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    John Lennon, Adele, Foo Fighters, Eminem ve daha birçok isim ‘Japonya için şarkılar’ albümüne destek verdiler.

    Albümde yer alan isimler ve şarkılar şöyle;

    john Lennon – ‘Imagine’ (remastered)
    U2 – ‘Walk On’
    Bob Dylan – ‘Shelter From the Storm’
    Red Hot Chili Peppers – ‘Around the World’ (live)
    Lady Gaga – ‘Born This Way’ (Starsmith remix)
    Beyonce – ‘Irreplaceable’
    Bruno Mars – ‘Talking to the Moon’ (acoustic piano version)
    Katy Perry – ‘Firework’
    Rihanna – ‘Only Girl (In the World)’
    Justin Timberlake – ‘Like I Love You’
    Madonna – ‘Miles Away’ (live)
    David Guetta – ‘When Love Takes Over’ (featuring Kelly Rowland)
    Eminem – ‘Love The Way You Lie’ (featuring Rihanna)
    Bruce Springsteen – ‘Human Touch’
    Josh Groban – ‘Awake’ (live)
    Keith Urban – ‘Better Life’
    The Black Eyed Peas – ‘One Tribe’
    P!nk – ‘Sober’
    Cee Lo Green – ‘It’s OK’
    Lady Antebellum – ‘I Run to You’
    Bon Jovi – ‘What Do You Got?’
    Foo Fighters – ‘My Hero’
    R.E.M. – ‘Man On the Moon’ (live)
    Nicki Minaj – ‘Save Me’
    Sade – ‘By Your Side’
    Michael Buble – ‘Hold On (radio mix)’
    Justin Bieber – ‘Pray’ (acoustic)
    Adele – ‘Make You Feel My Love’
    Enya – ‘If I Could Be Where You Are’
    Elton John – ‘Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me’
    John Mayer – ‘Waiting On the World to Change’
    Queen – ‘Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)’
    Kings of Leon – ‘Use Somebody’
    Sting, Steven Mercurio & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – ‘Fragile’ (live in Berlin)
    Leona Lewis – ‘Better In Time’
    Ne-Yo – ‘One In a Million’
    Shakira – ‘Whenever Wherever’
    Norah Jones – ‘Sunrise’