Nadia Fay - Honeycomb Lyrics

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  1. Nadia Fay - Honeycomb Lyrics
    Close your eyes and count to eight
    No! Don’t ’cause I can’t wait
    Everything’s free in this field of fantasy
    We can hear the singing sun
    We can feel the air is soft
    And whatever hurt we’re wearing
    Well, We’ll just take it off
    Well, We’ll just take it off

    And we’ll say A B C D
    I’ve got a dream for you and me
    Sweet as honeycomb
    When I’m with you [Where did you kiss]
    You take me home [It takes me home]
    Yeah I know that we can make it
    To the stary skies
    They shimmer like the love light in your eyes

    So come on down with me
    So come on down and dream
    So come on down with me with me and dream

    As I love that what you said
    Falling on the featherbed
    And jeaolus rain watches through the window pane
    In the quiet honeycomb
    Moments gather on a stream
    When we tie them all together
    Is how love happening
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