Paramore - Lazy

'Sanat ve Müzik' forumunda Büsra tarafından 23 Ara 2009 tarihinde açılan konu

  1. Pink Flowers in her body
    Bubble gown floats
    I see you and you loved me
    Our gaze met

    This is more than a novel
    To me this is forever
    This sit is for you, it just did
    You were mad

    I was sad
    We went out, we always did
    She wanted to be alone
    At times, we don't understand her

    We send gifts, she receive
    When she sleeps, we come
    If she forgets, we invite
    The water gives good things

    I knew you and I'm familiar
    That was long ago, we're aware
    We study and make steps
    Making steps to get you

    In this small house,
    We were not tired
    The fence extends our hard work
    She strolls