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    Hi Şebnem Ferah, i want to interview about rock music
    - of course, with pleasure.

    that will be a classical question when you started to interest in music ?
    - i started to study mandolin and solfege about 5 years old

    what was the name of the your first album ?
    - at 15 november 1996 it is called "kadın" my first videoclip is "vazgeçtim dünyadan"

    how many albums have you done ?
    - 6 albums i have don. There are 55-60 songs in them

    what is your favourite album and song in yours ?
    - i love every album of me but to sing "artık kısa cümleler kuruyorum" is makes me happy

    do you think to play any kind of music different from Rock ?
    - i love rock music but i can play different kinds in the future...

    Who did you featured with ?
    Müzeyyen Senar (Sarı Kurdelem Sarı) , Polad Bülbüloğlu (Gel Ey Seher) , Kargo (Kalamış Parkı) ,
    Teoman (iki yabancı,en güzel hikayem ) , ,İlgi Özdikmenli (yağmur), Sezen Aksu (Ünzile), Ogün Sanlısoy (Bir Ben).
    Haluk Levent (Anlasana),Apocalyptica (Perdeler) , Bülent Ortaçgil (Değirmenler), ).Çilekeş (Pervazda Tatil)

    which instruments do you play ?
    - Acoustic harp, guitar, harmonica , mandolin , keyboard

    Do you think rock music attracks attention in turkey ?
    - Youth love rock music but it is not enough i think. In other countries it attracks a lot.

    how do you spend you time except music ?
    - I have nuclear friendhood and family. I love to spend time with them...I can spend good time when i am alone, so sometimes i love to be lonely. My favourite activite to do is to journey

    thanks a lot for the interview Şebnem Ferah. We want to see you on the top of music ranks
    - thanks for the wish. See you.