Sean Paul - Change The Game ft Looga Man and Kid Kurup

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  1. Intro:
    Hey yo we flip the script now the game done changed
    Dutty cup music drive dem insane
    Worldwide, yard ain't been the same
    Jigzag zigular come bring the pain..
    Hey yo Sean Paul...bad mind waan see you pop down and drop down
    Step we a go step pon dem...tek onnu class....who a di real boss.....ayyy!

    Still blowin up stage shows, all over the globe
    Make mi tell you this god knows.
    It no matta who wah chat mouth, chat bout seandapaul an di dutty a no real folks.
    Cause wi still don't love those....
    Back bitters and dem wolf inna sheep clothes.
    Still no love none a them hoes, still I got a lot fine ladies at my dispose.
    Nothin' more need to disclose.
    SP a di dapper ,bless with the best metaphors.
    Them caan test all we ill flows.
    That why all the fake ones dem getting' exposed.
    I'm laughin' at these Johncrows,...When them encroach, mi shot them with a fresh dose.
    Blow them up make them explode outta the cosmos, cause we a the utmost.

    Cause we be keeping it live.
    And we don't be talking that jive.
    Dutty blazin it overdrive,we nah back slide.
    Cause we ever deh pon di campaign.
    Non stop we riding this train.
    Platinum plaques and all the fame....We change the game.

    Verse 2:
    Dutty my back....rat-a-tat-tat-tat...
    If a bwoy dis the fact we full them up a scatter shot..
    Bullet weh we got a lot...We aimin' for your cataract..
    We di gal dem follow here the flow and know a Dutty that...
    Loogie Looge mi pon di track...Di gal them drop inna mi trap
    Non stop stop...dem a get....from the kitty fox
    Then dem woulda ask ..tell dem quickly dutty got the machinery
    To chill nothin' nice than change up them scenery
    Believe no like when guy pre me
    Especially when me under me greenery
    Still I don't know what dem hoes be thinkinA we dem hear out...I wonder if them drinkinMe no care who dem linkin' or who a the kingpin
    A Bwoy better boogie when the infrared blinkinWe have them line up and the shot dem sinkin'
    Make them decompose and stinkin'......suuuuuuu!!

    Verse 3:
    We nah pay dem no mind so make them bwoy chat
    Not a point of return there's no lookin' back
    With my eyes on me gold and me Henny to the top
    And me got Sean Paul and a sell some plaque..
    Dem no like that...So them come a huff up and a puff up
    And a gwaan like say dem waan bruk up the big up
    Dem no love we lifestyle but we still a live it up
    Sean say fi rep it up
    What a pity dutty run the city lock up a titty
    Gal a shake them ass and keepin' it jiggy
    Take it back to basic...Tupac and Biggie...
    And a watch old school joints on Rap City
    Kickin back and relax and a blaze a ziggy...
    And the first draw she take she start move giggly
    Me haffi wonder if da gal ya come from Tripoli
    Make her know this Jamaican is too muckily